Consensus (Ongoing)

Decentralized technologies have the potential to shape society in a fundamental way. Some (me) believe that the «decentralized paradigm» the blockchain and similar technologies bring about could have a lasting impact on the future of the tech sphere. A new hope is there, that we might be able regain ownership over our personal data.
At the core of this new technology – the blockchain – is the idea of a consensus.

«Consensus» is an ongoing project. It examines the question «What forms of governance are made possible (again) by the blockchain technology?» Looking at new and old ideas from anarchist theory in conjunction with modern forms of (self-)regulation in digital communities, it attempts to reimagine the way we live and work as society. Using the blockchain technology in conjunction with other decentralized technolgies such as IPFS, we can draw upon a malleable infrastructure on which we can build systems of governance in the form of protocols and autonomous actors. (smart contracts)

The project will be first exhibited in early 2018 in Zurich.